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You are a woman evolving, shifting, transforming into a new version of…you. 

This change intrigues you and scares you all the same. Guess what?!  You’re not alone.


I am magic,

I am also a mess.

Power Up! Releasing God’s Power into Your Life was written for women like us, women like you. She is your new BFF, in book form - the perfect companion to ease the stress of life’s many transitions.

Power Up is here to remind you that:

  • You are ready.

  • You are worthy.

  • You have everything you need inside of you.



  • To better understand who you are and who God is within you.

  • To move past limiting beliefs and into what God has for you.

  • To be part of a community of women that God called to greater.




Do you struggle with purpose? Have you ever considered  that maybe people are speaking life into you because they see God in you? Sometimes we are so used to being who we are  that we don’t realize the value in simply and uniquely being ourselves.

This book is for the woman that needs to be reminded of the light within.


It will encourage you to shine everywhere you go, so that others may see firsthand what God is doing in your life. Power Up! will remind you that every big story starts with a small beginning. In fact, these beginnings are crucial to uncovering the best version of yourself according to God's will for your life.


“Be present. Be open.
Prepare to Power Up”

— Rashidah Latimer, Author of Power Up! Releasing God’s Power into Your Life

Book and Pen

This piece of art was right on time.  We need this book.

It was a short, yet powerful read and to the point.  It helped me unlock the power that needed to be released and  look at my relationship with God and see where it needed help. Power Up will leave you feeling empowered and equipped to embrace what is next for you.

- Sherese L.


Power Up is not your typical "Self Help” book; it is a guide of how to navigate the different stages we each experience throughout life's journey.

Latimer has found a way to encourage readers by using relatable and familiar storytelling- it’s like having a deep conversation with a good friend. I recommend readers keep it close, revisit the activities often and share it. There is something in it for everyone.

- Sheri H.

This book is practical and enlightening.


Any reader - believer or non-believers - will understand and feel empowered after reading and doing the exercises in Power Up! Rashidah’s openness made each word more credible. The confirmation through scripture to correlate these experiences was an added bonus.

- Chaun F.



Rashidah S. Latimer is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and author whose passion and purpose is to help women improve their lives, using faith as a tool for transformation. 


She serves as a source of encouragement and inspiration, leading with power, transparency and authenticity.


Whether bringing a message of hope to women at her empowerment events or transforming their physical aesthetic in her salon chair, Rashidah carries out her purpose with passion and in truth.


Latimer currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, Brandon Williams, and daughter Kylo.

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