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Our best seller and a client favorite, Nori will make you fall in love. WIth those romantic, loose S shape curls, Nori is  ideal if you want a natural look that is effortlessly beautiful. She’s flexible: add a little product for a fluffy, feathery vibe or add a little more for a super defined look.  Careful: Excessive heat will alter the curl pattern. 




Nori  by Rashidah L.


  • She’s a hopeless romantic.

  • Pure and natural essence.

  • Fierce, yet flexible.




Rashidah L. offers high quality, glueless options to beautiful hair lovers across the globe.  We guarantee your unit will last at least 6-9 months, but our loyal clients rave of them lasting for years.




I personally like to be set in place the night before. Take your favorite hair gel, custard combo and grab a defining brush. Don’t get caught up combing me, I am captivating to say the least. Once you reach your desired look let me set in place. If not I will act wild on you but I’m cute either way though. 


 I wake up looking my best when we rest with a satin pillow/ satin scarf. If you prefer to take me off to rest, please put me on a mannequin. Lay your edges at night and tie down with an edge scarf or sanek strip.


Shampoo or co wash weekly with your favorite natural hair products. 




All units are  100% Brazilian hair extensions, 200% density.  Your unit can be colored, chemically processed and straightened. 


Comes in natural black hair color. Inside each unit are three combs, an adjustable strap and an elastic band for the perfect fit.  All Rashidah L. units are lightweight, comfortable and can be worn completely glueless.


Lace Dimensions: 6” wide and 6” deep, with free parting. 


Important: This is not a custom unit. Knots are not bleached. Each wig will arrive with a slightly pre-plucked hairline.



All SALES ARE FINAL.  No returns.  No exchanges.


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