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A Prayer for YOU

Happy Woman's History Month Beautiful.

It's a new month, a new season, a new day and another opportunity to Show Up as yourself (YOURSELF) which might I remind you is more than enough. That being said, I said a prayer for you. One to simply encourage you. May you receive this prayer and walk boldly in the Fullness of who you are + who God is in You!

Lord, I am coming to you on behalf of my sister. I pray that she is well and protected wherever she may be in this world. I pray that she is clear on the fact that she too is apart of Woman's History in every way. Help her to move through each day with Power and Authority knowing that her actions, her vision, her choices matter not only to her Future but for many generations to come. Guide her through each day that she may feel your presence and trust herself to simply be. Place Godly people in her life that will support her, encourage her and even hold her accountable thorough this life experience. Challenge her to see the bigger picture and follow hard after it while boldly proclaiming that “its already mines” even if its hard for her to see right now. Give her a voice for the things that matter to HER and remind her that you are right there every single step of the way! Release her from the spirit of doubt, release her from fear, release her from negative people and help her to receive peace around who you say she is. Please allow her to be intentional in her being.. Thank you for being God, thank you for showing up in perfect timing always and thank you in advance for the many blessings that are attached to the woman reading this. We love you, we believe you, we receive You lord - and we seal this prayer with expectation in Jesus name, amen and amen.

Love you,



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