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Friday Night Service

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Pray with FAITH

Hey Beautiful, It’s Friday and as per usual, I’m reflecting on my week and what keeps coming to me is that transition will require me (us) to have a relationship with God strong enough to pull us through the small beginnings. It will require that we pray with faith and be steadfast in His vision.

Did you know? Each time I share a message with you, it is inspired by conversations, challenges, roadblocks, and prayers that I experience throughout the week. I like to think that God teaches me the lesson so that I can better show up and support you.

God gives us a vision. We love the vision. We want the vision...because we KNOW that it will love us tenfold. But...maintenance. But...patience. But...small beginnings. But...finances. But...obligations. But...imposter syndrome. But...why meeeee, God? All of these things lead to moments of discouragement. Today I’m here to say: But....GOD! But, GOD!!! It's in these moments of discouragement that we tend to say, “I need to call on God.” I’m here to tell you today that in ALL moments, call on Him. In all moments, have FAITH that he will hear you and that He will Show Up, that He will Rise Up, that He will Power Up. below, excerpt from page 10 of Power Up: Releasing God's Power into Your Life:

What God put in you is so BIG, that you sometimes can barely contain it, let alone understand it. Why would he put something so BIG into a place that feels so...small?

I’m here to tell you that the answer to “why” or “why me” is not your concern. That's why we pray to Him in the first place. If he says leap….LEAP! I’m sure He’s planned the most beautiful landing place.


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