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Are you prepared for this new season?

Im back to share what God has placed on my heart this month. Before I begin I would like to wish you a Happy new month, new season and new blessings attached. In my book Power up I wrote a chapter about “The Power Of Obedience” which is something that I'm pretty good at right now (or so I thought). While driving to the gym with my sister last week the Holy Spirit kept showing me just how disobedient I am - you see the God that we serve is a man of detail and he will not let me forget.. During our drive which was only 20 minutes we both said “I was going to tell you, share with you, call you because I had a thought and I don't know why I didn't say it in that moment” multiple times only to realize that what we heard must be said - as humans why are we like this?. Typically I would just shrug it off because unfortunately, this is something that is frequent in many of my conversations (talk about reality check) my spirit was like aht aht girl you have some fine tuning to do. May we all begin the internal spring cleaning - winter habits can Not go where we are headed! While working out it became very clear that Obedience starts with that very small voice telling you to do or not to do. It can be as simple as call your sister to say.. or Stop don't turn the corner yet. We all have stories about the time when “something told me to” with a testimony attached. So, I'm sharing my truth in hopes that you will lean into that inner voice MORE. That you will be open to all of the blessings attached to Obedience and lastly that you grow a deeper relationship with God as a result of you not only hearing him but also responding to it with peace and joy. The last line from chapter 2 “The Power of OBEDIENCE” So today my sisters, know that your future is sure. Your God is in control and your blessing is within reach. That's the benefits of saying “Yes”.

I love you,



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