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Some days your power will require silence.

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Hey Beautiful!

When God speaks to you, can you hear him? Here’s a better question: do you create a space of peace, silencing life’s many distractions, calling in the better hear Him?

The past few months have moved very fast.

So fast that sometimes, feelings of fear, overwhelm, and self-doubt have tried to trouble my spirit. The many ideas, suggestions, questions, concerns, etc. of the world, tried to creep in… growing louder and LOUDER.

So much so, that there were moments I struggled to hear God. I know that I’m not alone. We’ve all been there.

Imagine for a moment, God speaking life, abundance, and joy over you...and you giving space to the noise of the world. We don’t want to do that.

Some days your Power will require silence.

Silence media.

Silence from...friends.


Silence from...coworkers/employers. Silence the noise and invite God’s voice to be present in your life.

Tonight on Conversations with Friends...

I’m chatting with my friend Sheri Howard. Sheri is the owner & designer of home decor brand Quiet Quarters, an online retail store based in Philadelphia, PA specializing in natural soy candles and home accessories.

Fun Fact: Quiet Quarters is also an event partner for our July 15th book signing + celebration event, The Power Up Experience. Click here for your ticket.

Afterwards, meet us on IG at 8p; I hope to see you there.


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