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Special Delivery, Your Blessing

Make room.

Hey Beautiful,

I have become very matter-of-fact about what I want, who I am and who God is in me. This has allowed me to pray my requests to God without touching it or peeking to see if it’s actually on the way. I pray with confidence. As a result, things have been manifesting faster than I can blink!

When you ask God for something, are you confident that He will give it to you?

God says, “Start making room for what you prayed for because it’s on the way.”

I saw this quote on my friend Cassy’s IG page a few weeks back and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Not only do we have to believe that God will bless us, but we have to make room for the blessing in our lives. How’s God going to give you something with nowhere to put it?!

Have so much confidence in God that you’re already creating space in your life for His gifts for you. God wants to know that you trust Him enough to prepare for a gift you have yet to receive.

Cassy is joining me on Conversations with Friends this week to give us a little boost of encouragement. Not only is she super insightful, she is a rockstar hair stylist and multi-business entrepreneur.

Hop in the live tomorrow at 8p ET to meet this beautiful soul!


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