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When a faith walk is required.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

...leap with JOY!

Hey Beautiful, I missed you last week! I took time off to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my sweet Kylo Bee and was reminded to be fearless, to trust. She smiles big and beautiful before leaping with joy into new experiences. She has faith that her father and I will keep her safe. ..and with that trust she’s given herself permission to LIIIIIVE, okay!

As an adult, time moves so fast and it seems like we are always in some form of transition. And in these moments, it’s so easy to lose faith. Sometimes it feels like we are always being called upon to trust, to leap... and that can be very scary.

Today (like right now!), I encourage you to speak to yourself, to your inner-child.... Let her know that major, sometimes abrupt transitions will require a faith walk and that on that walk she (you) has the power to:

  • Change her mind at anytime (pause, wait, pivot).

  • Take a nap, a break, a walk.

  • Cry out to God!

  • Smile big and leap with joy.

Give yourself permission to leap with JOY! I look back over my past week, how my daughter boldly expresses to me her frustrations, fears, sadness - it's because she trusts me. That same level of trust is what pushes her to faith walk and leap with a smile so big and so beautiful (see my last IG post!). We must trust God similarly. Trust him enough to have those vulnerable, raw conversations. Trust him enough if he says, “No. Not now,” “Take a break,”''Pivot”, “Lean on my shoulder,” “Its okay to cry," or “Smile...I got you.” Trust him through it ALL…and leap!


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