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When God shows you your power

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Listen. Trust. Execute.

Hey Beautiful, Have you ever stepped back to witness your life?! Go ahead, take a moment. Sometimes we get caught up in the minute-to-minute doing, meanwhile we fail to listen to God, we question ourselves, we feel fear, we don’t allow ourselves grace.

Today, I’m asking you to (similar to an artist) step back to look at your work (life). Look at what you’ve co-created with God. In Chapter 10: The Power of Courage of Power Up I talk about an experience I had zip lining without an instructor leading/following me. Instead, the instructor provided me with all of the information I needed upfront. I had to listen and execute.

I’ll be honest, I was terrified! And then, I had the nerve to get stuck midway across the rope!

In that moment, God gave me two choices: (1) wait to be saved or (2) figure out a solution. When I step back and reflect on that moment I recognize that listening to God, trusting his word, and execution (action) all go hand in hand. Being courageous requires us to talk to God. It requires we listen and trust his guidance. It then calls us to take action. How does being courageous play a part in your journey to Power Up?

Reflect, listen, execute.


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